Friday, September 19, 2008

Great Photos of Bali

I have been ogling the gorgeous photos taken by one of the museum's Jade Circle members, Dennis, in Bali on the recent trip in July. These shots in particular stopped me in my tracks.

I am not sure where he took the image of people having ritual purification at the temple baths, but the image on the right was from the Royal Cremation procession in Ubud on July 15, 2008. I missed the procession as I had positioned myself at the temple so as to try to get a better view of the ceremonies there. It is great to see these images from different places along the procession route, since no one person could take in the whole event given the difficulties of moving from place to place.

Photos by Dennis Lenehan


xensen said...

Nice photos!

sidarta wijaya said...

the purification ritual of this photo takes place in tirta empul temple tampak siring gianyar regency. this ritual is called "melukat"

you can get more information on tirta empul temple and melukat in this site